Jan 26, 2010

Hotel Mirabelle, San Francisco, 2009

Hotel Mirabelle
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I stayed at this hotel most of the summer. 去年の夏のほとんどここでお世話になりました.
The owner did well to us and she treated me Japanese food and gave me discount... なんかオーナさんと仲良くなって,日本食ごちそうになったり,ディスカウントしてもらったり...
She used to study Japanese when she was at college, so she lives Japanese culture. There are full time tenant, travelers, long term residence, American, Japanese and others. There were many Japanese painting and photographs, but the room decorated as in European styles. 学生の時期に日本語を勉強したとかで,ホテルに日本の写真や絵がいっぱい貼ってあります.でも、部屋はヨーロッパ風.
Name, Mirabelle is a flower name in French. I was asked to create T shirts design for them. 名前のミラベルもフランス語で花の名前だそうです.なんかT shirtsのデザインを頼まれました.まだすんでないけど...
This is a reasonable price long term hotel. Some rooms are dark and small. Showers and toilets are shared. There are free branch and coffee and tea bags on weekend. first come first serve, Some people stay at a hotel and do internet all the time, so during the day, some people using the hall way to play computer. 長期滞在者用ホテル.格安です.部屋は狭くて暗いです.シャワーとトイレはシェアーです.週末はコーヒーとブランチのパンや果物が付きます.早い者勝ち取り放題.
In the room we can find microwave, mini fridge, closet, small desk, (all antique) amenity towel, robe, 部屋の中は電子レンジ,小型冷蔵庫,クローゼット,小さい机,タオル,バスローブの備品付いています.
Be aware, if you like really clean place, some people smoke (but not allowed) and have a cat. And the it is above Bart underground, so you hear the noise all the time. And the area is on Mission, so there is some disturbance, but Valencia street is getting hip and more Caucasian than Latinos. Kind of like Valencia is for more rich Caucasian and Mission street is more for Latino immigrant, but do not mean to be separated people go both streets enjoy both cultures. Valencia is becoming like the second Height street, comparing to Height is more snobby and kind of far from downtown, but more tourist like, but I kind of like the original Height street too, because it is closed to Golden Gate Park, and there are still have some old Hippy mood. Valencia has the same bland stores as Height, but do not have over all Hippy taste. 

I am beginning to like Dolores Park area. I have been in San Francisco so long, but never been to the park before. Many people do doggy walk, playing Frisbee, and you can see J line or hop on it, and the park has relaxed mood than Mission and Valencia street.

送信者 Hotel Mirabelle
送信者 Hotel Mirabelle
送信者 Hotel Mirabelle
送信者 Hotel Mirabelle

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