Mar 14, 2011

Thanks for your support. 3/11/11

About Japanese earthquake and tunami.
I have been getting emails and SNS message on concern about me and Japan.
Thank you very much for your prayers and concern.
I personal am ok in mountain area of Osaka. There is no earthquake at all and me and my family and peace as normal.
Thank you very much.

Mar 7, 2011

Ume trees in my town

Here are Ume trees (plum) at the Kohun (burial mound) park in my town. It was raining a lot so they bloom faster this year. I went there when there were a little bloom, but there are many ume trees and it was beautiful when they bloomed all. Some people had a picnicking under the trees.

Legs and Arm photography 腕と足

Legs and Arm photography  腕と足  Black and white, San Francisco, 2000