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Fall works, Illustrations

A fish Woman - Drew from the real fish tale.

A Crawfish Woman

A Pitcher Woman

Extreme figure





Master Copy Hands




Here I finished Fall semester and updating my works to post. These are from Intermediate figure drawing class. I took class with most of the Illustration major students. That was somehow challenging.


I finished my cityscape watercolor paintin. It has many colors and things, so I never thought that I would finish. This is the final work for my watercolor class. It was hard, but I enjoyed it. The dragon is an egg noodle store popular in Osaka, Japan. This is my hung around area since my high school time.

Still lifes



Fax Machine

Metal Objects on watercolor

Persimmon Bowl

Flower Shovel

Copper Paperweight

Iron Pliers

Glass Objects

Here they are glass objects exercises with watercolor.
Background colors are placed Origami paper.

Tofu and Soy Source Bottle

Tofu and Soy Source Bottle
Acrylic on board, 9 by 12

My Sunglasses 12/12/07'

My Sunglasses.


Osaka city, downtown. Marionet guy, but just jumping here around with the traditional Japanese dance music. The doll was so cute.

A Park at downtown Osaka. A little sitting house has the bamboo window.

Shikoku, Yoshino river. Mannaka (center) restaurant. The river runs the center of Shkoku Island. I had the river fish there.

Final Drawings 8/15/07

Here are my last works from the Intro to Anatomy class.

Hands and feet

Hands and Feet

This is my own foot and hand.

EX#1 I thought we should just draw as quick drawing, so I didn't push too much for the proportion, etc. But the latter half I was getting to understand about drawing hands (such as moving the paper holizontally, and vartically to get the right proportion), so I spent more time the the first half. As you see, my first attempt of brown charcoal pencil. For the background I just added brown conte at the end where the dark was.

EX#2 I experimented the use of brown charcoal and carbon pencil again as well as practising toning the backgrond. That might not be necessary to do here. Feet were harder than hands. My feet tended to be smaller for the size of their legs. Just to finish as quick as possible, so I didn't go further for proportion.

Homework#12: I took picture of my self- hand and foot on the mirror, stood by side of a camera and used a cable. My foot came out on the edge of the mirror, so I just drew as the same, drew the f…

Mod 10 works (week 10)

I got a B again!

Here is my Mod #10.

I toned background, holded the pencils with loose finger, tried not use the tip of the pencil too much, used the cloth to smooth out the shadow & light, used the kneaded eraser insead of a stick eraser that I have been using.

I pushed more for the EX#10.1 as much as my energy allowed. The upper leg should be more clearer now. Also, I think it was something wrong with how I took the photo for the last one. sorry...

EX#10.2 posted. That was just really hard. Learned more about value making with different darkness of pencils. Sorry, I found my finger prints (sweat got oily & made marks) on the image didn't notice with my bear eyes. I may erase and post it again if I have time.

Intro to Anatomy, #3

Module #4

For #1, I spent much more time for the pre-sketch to be more careful with the proportion and for finding the detail lines and shade than last week. I am still trying to find out which material to use when. I made a mistake that it was the pencil that left the erased lines under the charcoal. Her under left arm became little too dark. I tried but I could not make her eyes like looking down like in the photo.

#2, To me shoulder proportion was the most difficult. Until the final stage, I could not get it right. The shape of his ear is difficult to me too. because it looks like a shell, it is on the circular surface. In my image, it came out little smily and looked older than the photo. I don't know if I am doing right, but I just made background dark.

Homework #4 is Option #1. I like the left side of the skull (on your right) kind of receeding into the background. But after I finished, I realized that the skull leaning down side a little bit, and neck bones are smaller…


Out of art story.
I just want to show the big pumpkin that my father cropped from our little home farm. It is a raniny season, and there is so much rain this years, including the recent typhoon, so it grew very big. Reminded me of some American large sized pumpkin contest.

Mike Cat

He is at the Japanese garden in Osaka. He is the best model posing for me. Some guy said, "Don't shoot people without asking, they are going to sue me, for the publishing rights." He said there is a Yakuza around, but actually people there were friendly. Mike means a kind of a Japanese cat, meaning a three color cat.