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Oyamasakisansou museum 10/10/23 大山崎山荘

There is Tadao Ando design museum in a compound with an original Oyamasaki villa. They exhibit antique, and Western modern art. The view from the cafe from the second floor of the villa is splendid. It is in the North part of Japan 20 minutes from Kyoto. There is a huge designed garden both western and Japanese style that visitors are freely walking around.

You need to pay the fee to go inside of the museum, but just to visit the garden is free of charge, so mothers with children were picnicking and playing around the garden at the bottom of the villa.

Around the area, there is an old temple that store very important Buddhist statues.

Doumyo-ji new year, 2010 道明寺天満宮、大阪府

Doumyo-ji new year, 2010 道明寺天満宮、大阪府

New year visit at Doumyo-ji shrine and temple in Osaka.

entrance of Domyo-ji shopping arcade