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Tamateyama walk 2011, 4, 29 玉手山

Amima walk. あみまウォーク。
I walked to Kashiwara to Domyoji station.


I like walking around by myself and collect stamps at Kintetsu stations.

Asuka 2011, 4, 16 樫原神宮から飛鳥迄

I went to see cherry trees at Ishibutai Kofun, which is located at the southrn part of Nara prefecture Japan. I walk with a walking map for the exercise.

Asuka is an ancient capital from about 6 - 8 century, so there are many old temple, ruins and Buddha statues etc. Right now the clean up the ancient road along the rice pad, so that tourist can walk around or ride rental bikes (which you can rent at Kashiwara Jingu and Asuka stations) around the area.

Even it was still cold during April, I felt good to walk around the vast area of the country side of Nara.

I will add the link of Asuka period as a reference of the history of Asuka area.