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Hirokawa Temple trip vol. 3, 4/30/10

Here is the continue of the hike at Kanancho, near my town, Osaka Japan.

Hirokawa Temple, 4/30/10 part 1

I was walking historical part of my neighborhood at Kanancho, Osaka.

It says, pathway to ruin of the Hirokawa castle. Ancient path, but putting concrete for hikers going to Mt. Katsuragi. For a self Tomason practice, as city finder, it is getting important to me to find unknown sign posts and keep record with photographs.

They are wild grapevine. It is hard to see, but the purple berries are every where in the forest.

zizo on the way

zizo on the way
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Osaka, Japan 2010
Corner zizo on ancient path. I almost lost way by going straight to the forest, but I had to turn right there. Thanks zizo!

Jizo and me in the mirror

Jizo and me in the mirror
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I am in the road mirror.
Osaka, Japan, 2010

Hirokawa Temple, 4/30/10 Part 4

Walking from Hirokawa Temple, cont southern Osaka.
Walking towards mountain shrine almost done with the trip.

Flickr Hirokawa temple trip

Hirokawa Temple, 4/30/10 end of trip

Hirokawa Temple walk, 4/30/10

Iwafune shrine, which is worshiping and old emperor. It is hidden and I felt very sacred also after seeing ghost on my photos too.
At the end, I arrived Hirokawa castle ruin which is almost near my house, close to the Chikatsu Asuka museum park.

Hirokawa Temple walk 4/30/10, part 2

Continue from Hirokawa Temple walk 4/30/10, part 1
I keep walking on from the Hirokawa temple toward mountain range to another ruins.
#1 I only walked 0.9km from Hirokawa temple and now it will take 1.5km to the Mochio ruin castle.
#2 I went up on the hill but I was little disappointed that I could see the newly developed town on top of another hill near by....
#3 Going up the hill, I found a little house riding school. It is really in the hidden mountain area, so I wonder who is practicing there....
#4 This is a pass way towards Mochio castle ruin. Just right by side of somebody’s house, and I wonder how long the path has been there. Probably from 13-14 C, when Samurai or Ninzya was running around the mountain....
#5 Here I took my self portrait in front of an orange farm. The mountain range on the background was very beautiful. Ashamed of myself that I looked tired already. haha.
#6 I tend to include some spirits (ghosts?) when I take pictures. Here I took a lots of spirits in a ro…