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Tottori sand dune sand sculpture exhibition 鳥取砂丘砂の彫刻 2010

I traveled to Tottori for a couple of days, and had a chance to see Sand sculpture, I have been wanting to see. This exhibition has been held for many years already, and this year, the theme was Africa. The artists were selected from many countries around the world.

Kuromon Market, Osaka, 12/29/09'

12/29/09', I went to Kuromon Market (黒門市場)Osaka. At the end of the year, people go to the market to buy New Year food. Especially this market is popular for selling, Fugu fish (globefish) It is a poisonous, and need a license to fish and cook. People in Osaka, Kyusyu area eat the globefish soup. (I don't. It is kind of grotesque.)

Chinese mall

Naoshima island 2008 8/12/08

Here are continuing photo set of trip to Naoshima in 2008.
I took on 8/12/2008.

Sunrise at Naoshima 直島の日の出