Dec 28, 2010

Takitani 12/28 2010 滝谷不動年末のお参り

I went to visit Takitani fudo with my parents. Every 28th of the month they have street vendors from the river to the temple, selling food, knives (made around there), clothes, accessories. I go there sometime to see the vendors. Here are some photos from the date.

Takitani Fudou main temple

This is their symbol color cloth.

The fox god for your health.

fox gods are inside.

Post office out in the shrine area. You can get the special stamp to mail from.

my mother Chieko

frogs are watching over you. (^_~)

Fudo god

zizo for the dead baby

2 story pagoda

Lookout temple

a shrine festival appears once a month.

reasonable underwear?! These are for older women, so I am not interested in though. ;p )


Legs and Arm photography 腕と足

Legs and Arm photography  腕と足  Black and white, San Francisco, 2000