May 30, 2007

My first Still Life #2

Flower. The Petal was the hardest, especially on the right flower. 

Kiki. Kiki is the name of the Miyazaki anime. It was the first time to paint stuff doll. I didn't know what to do with the gradation of black.

My bathroom. In Japan, we wash body outside and soak in a tub. There is a space to sit down and wash body under the shower. It was the first casual still life exercise. I enjoyed creating pastel tone.

Silver Water Pot, 14 by 18 inches. The background wasn't so good, but maybe this was my turning point of still life excercises.

Toothbrushes. In this semester, this was the most challenging work that I have done. I was strugging with the details of all the shapes, objects and feeling of the window and color behind it. I cannot wait to learn more advance and contemporary style of still life.

My first still life

Here are my Still Life painting that I have done in the Still Life 1 class in the Spring semester. I have took some painting classes before, but this is my first time I learned about technique and composition about the Acrylic painting from mixing colors, setting up the objects, etc. I was more like a photographer before, so this class really opened up my new ceativity to me. Thanks to my teacher and classmates. And my partner who helped me making board and esel....

A Coffee Cup. It was done with the limited palette.

Academy Statue. I wanted to be a movie writer, so I bought the souvenir statue. It was not any dream came true, but it still be used for my painting. ; p ) This was the practice of patterned objects.

Base Ball. This is my trial for the casual still life. I place the cap and glove in my garden. There was a weed glass and cherry petals falling on the ground. I was looking from the top, but in my painting, it was hard to show like bird eye's view. Also, there is no much the strong light and shadow in outside lighting, so I could not paint the objects shadows. Then, I decided to come back to the studio painting until I will learn about landscape.

Blue Vase. I learned the technique of the low key painting. I liked about how the vase recede to the dark.

Calpico. This is high key practice. I struggled more than low key with the glass shape, and prastic Calpico bottle. Acrylic tend to be thin and more away from realistic 3D image. I need to be working more on getting reality. But in my opinion, I can seek reality in photography, and painting is more for the creativity and originality....

Still Life

May 19, 2007

Peace Works

Earthday Works, 2007

I just think that environmental cannot preserve if we don't keep peace.... I just want to make peace and environment related works to cooperate people doing that kinds of activity. Please tell me if I can do for some help for some peace and environmental NPO or NGO.... These are my first printmaking so they are not that great though. But just worth to show to others.

Recycled Art

Collage from photograph and cut from magazine, and painted on. Done in 2003. But I just donated for this year Earthday. When I was little, I used to cut out my grandfather's National Geographic magazine to make collage. I want to do more collage by the time my painting skill becomes more improved. I do photography, so I want to put together all.

May 16, 2007

How do you do.

This is the very first page you will read. I am going to write something about my travel, and my life and little thoughts. I am an artist and I am attending Academy of Art University online course. I do painting and photograph, mixed media, book arts and contemporary art. Hopefully I will be a full-time artist in near future!

My dream is to live in a country side of Japan and the US, and have a gallery/store with my partner, Alex.

Legs and Arm photography 腕と足

Legs and Arm photography  腕と足  Black and white, San Francisco, 2000