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Intro to Anatomy, #3

Module #4

For #1, I spent much more time for the pre-sketch to be more careful with the proportion and for finding the detail lines and shade than last week. I am still trying to find out which material to use when. I made a mistake that it was the pencil that left the erased lines under the charcoal. Her under left arm became little too dark. I tried but I could not make her eyes like looking down like in the photo.

#2, To me shoulder proportion was the most difficult. Until the final stage, I could not get it right. The shape of his ear is difficult to me too. because it looks like a shell, it is on the circular surface. In my image, it came out little smily and looked older than the photo. I don't know if I am doing right, but I just made background dark.

Homework #4 is Option #1. I like the left side of the skull (on your right) kind of receeding into the background. But after I finished, I realized that the skull leaning down side a little bit, and neck bones are smaller…


Out of art story.
I just want to show the big pumpkin that my father cropped from our little home farm. It is a raniny season, and there is so much rain this years, including the recent typhoon, so it grew very big. Reminded me of some American large sized pumpkin contest.

Mike Cat

He is at the Japanese garden in Osaka. He is the best model posing for me. Some guy said, "Don't shoot people without asking, they are going to sue me, for the publishing rights." He said there is a Yakuza around, but actually people there were friendly. Mike means a kind of a Japanese cat, meaning a three color cat.