Jan 22, 2010

Gay Marriage 同性愛者の結婚 5/26/09

5/26/09 Market street San Francisco. Protest march for the Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage Protest

San Francisco is said to gay Mecca, people emigrated in search of freedom all over the US and world.

An area called Castro district, had been to see gay people, When I went back now, people who are gay, lived across the border of Castro, Noi Valley, Mission District they do you live as well. Meaning they are more and more gay people living in San Francisco. They live in San Francisco many other areas of course. Gay people put the rainbow flag at their apartment standing so, you know immediately they are living there. Many of gay men are the skinhead, macho, so you know. Even if they are cool looking, do not love them because they are not interested in women.

That is okay.

The problem is that now about gay marriage legislation. Mayor of San Francisco is gay tolerance, the mayor admitted at once but, a devout Christian Schwarzenegger "No!" Or the law was abundant. It is also confusing people recognized previously been married or even just a good or a thumbs down. Basically, what it is controversial is they cannot have children. After all the gay couples, who live together, adopt foster children, and the even if they are not already married, so a lot of couples already married with children, so, it felt like that it is already clear about that. Perhaps those who read the Bible would say unreasonable things in the Bible.

It is in 5 / 26, the day I arrived in San Francisco, Market street, saying, on the prop 8, "We all deserve the freedom to marry" so I took pictures of that protest photos I took pictures. And while I like the countryside, if I see such protest, or I would rather go on bloody chase taking photos, or walking with them (whatever unti social protests), and calling crying together.

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