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Market Street Map Book

Here is an art book on Market street, San Francisco, California. I included my art vender friends, and building around the street.

Book Covers, front and back

Front Cover

Back Cover

Page 1

Page2 Alex and Chaka, street venders.

Page2.2, Alex's Spoon necklace.

Page2.3, me in his vender.

Page 3.

Page3.2, begging.

Page3.3, Ferry building.

Page4, Civic Center.

Civic Center pop up

Page5, Asian Art Museum.

Page 6.

Page7.2, Bay Briedge.

Page7, End page.

This is my first time pop-up and I had pretty much struggle with it. But it was fun to make it, because I used to be on Market street all the time, and fun to be thinking about the street. (^_^)

Altered Book

Toilet Roll Scroll & Handmade Fan

Altered book is the art book which made with some book by destroying the form. The Toilet Book is made from an old English - Japanese dictionary. It is kind of recycling art that I like doing.

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