Mar 30, 2012

my friend cat on a roof 2

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I took this on the other day from the previous post. I was working in a room, and I heard the cat was walking on a roof. I looked down from the window and he was resting and looking down there. There is a run room outside of my grandmother room on a 1st floor, and the plastic roof is reflecting cherry branches and my curtain.

Mar 25, 2012

mi amigo gato my friend cat

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There is a white wild cat that always come to my balcony. He uses (I think he) our roof to path by like a commuting path. He did not go into the balcony because he was scared. I think he got used to now and he does sunbathing on the roof and stay inside the balcony. Before he run away when I saw him but now he does not move when he does sunbathing.

I have some unused films black and white and positive films, because I have been using portable digital. I decided to use up the roll of films, and took the cat. I kind of like the denseness of color of the black and white film.


"now what?!"

Mar 1, 2012

baked cake with a rice cooker

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A rice cooker that we are now in my house has different function rather than making rice.
You can make bread, make cake, boiled egg, and other. It is now eco time, it is good to use a rice cooker for the different purposes.

I put cheese and bacon in the rolled bread and baked in the oven.

a chocolate cake for Christmas

Legs and Arm photography 腕と足

Legs and Arm photography  腕と足  Black and white, San Francisco, 2000