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Wakayama, 1/29/09

Photos from Jun, 2009.
These are photos of the trip to Wakayama.

We travelled to Shikoku Island from Osaka half round of Shikoku, ride overnight ship from Kobe and down to Kochi on a first day. Traveling to East on a local train by the ocean and stay at Umazi Onsen. And the second day, we going along Muroto Cape, and traveled on a bus and train, took ship back to Wakayama from Tokuchima city.

We are expecting to get back in 3 days (one night staying at a hotel, but we were traveling slow, and we ended up staying at Wakayama. I had much chance to took Alex on top of the Kochi castle the day before, so I took him to Wakayama castle which there is a museum inside a castle.


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