Nov 13, 2010

太子町ウォーキング Taishicyo walking 10/11/13

Walking with Amima map around Osaka Taishityo old town. 太子町。

I hook up with Syotoku taishi prince from 6 century Japan Tobidashi boya board (Watch Out caution board), and took a lots of them.

Asuka Wine 飛鳥ワイン株式会社 It was close that day, but I wanted to taste it. 

It was out of season, but all there is vineyard.

Kannonzuka burial mound

Vineyard from tomb view

Moving forward

Coming back to Kamino Taishi Station Kintetsu line 近鉄線上ノ太子駅

Crossing Asuka river bridge 飛鳥川橋

And crossing Matsumoto bridge 松本橋を渡る。

Over there there is a new high way.

A prince Shotoku caution board 聖徳太子飛び出し坊や

竹内街道、太子温泉 Takenouchi old path

A map of Takenouchi path.

What amazed me was that they intentionally built to face Nizyozan mountains which they thought as their gods.

They worship flogs at this shrine.

Many prince Shotoku signs there!! 聖徳太子のコスプレがいっぱい!!

Another Prince Shotoku sign be careful crossing that road, he says. (^_~)

Shotoku Taishi statue in a hidden temple.

A Shotoku Taishi grave. 聖徳太子の墓。

wicked devil stamped by a guardian god

Price Shotoku saying Sayonara.

「和をもって貴しとなす。」"Harmoney is precious." That is price Shotoku said at the time.

Saihouin Temple up there.

Saihouin entrance. 西方院

I included myself in the mirror. Self-portrait.

Keep following the arrow.

See how country my area is....

There is a 入 (enter) sign at the old house. I thought that is funny.

Legs and Arm photography 腕と足

Legs and Arm photography  腕と足  Black and white, San Francisco, 2000