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Interior Abstract Painting, 2008

Title: Chair
Interior Abstract Painting. 24 by 33 cm, F4 canvas, thin acrylic.

My teacher told me that my stye would be good to do with water media with a lots of water dripping. This is my first time learning about abstract painting, and I had no idea what to do to make it as abstract. Tried to do whatever coming from my mind.


Here is the watercolor sketch study for the painting. It was better than the actual painting. I kind of like the feel of chigirie. (the technique of cut and paste of tearing Japanese paper to paint.)

abstract still life

abstract still life

Fall semesterがはじまりました。
抽象画のクラスを取っています。今は、micro paintingの練習です。私は身近にあるものの写真をクロースアップで撮って,そこから抽象画を描きました。どっちかというとリアルな絵は苦手だけど,抽象画はやってて面白いです。先生の評価がよかったのでのせます。

Katsura Imperial Villa

Here are the links to the Katsura Imperial Villa.

Cylinder Pop-Up

Pop-up card. Cylinder technique.  It is an exercise piece. The guy cut out with newspaper is an ice skater, Takahashi. He will spin around when pulling the string.

Angle Cut

Angle Cut Folds
It is an exercise piece. It is supposed to look like a bird's beak.

Thailand Ocean

Here is the painting from the Thailand Ocean from the boat view.
11 by 14, acrylic canvas.
I took the photo, 2000, April.

Final Art Book, 2008

Here is my Final Art Book that I have done last semester. It is about relaxing by the beach. Kind of Hawaiian taste. Size: 18 by 24.5 cm. (7 by 9 1/2 inches)

Practice Binding,

Sample bindings

Here are just sample binding practice.