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Osaka Nanko ( Osaka Bay area) May, 2009

"Osaka or Asobo" Nanko Art Tour.

Photos and links.

Osaka Nanko

Nako Tour
click here, or click on the photo below.

Nanko the NPO and there is art, museums, galleries, USJ, Osaka and many cultural attractions. It is now more convenient than before, but it is still very far to go there as I'm going to have to spend all day to get around. It is also a place for couples, and you may feel solitude getting around alone, but you may have some encounters at many interesting places.

Hoshi no Mori (Forest of Stars) restaurant
click here.

I went to eat. There were cute a couple of owners.
There are delicious curry menu.
I Gave them my own postcards.
The album was put on the counter of the photographers took pictures and traveling.
The small shop is good and friendly atmosphere.

Here is the site of Mr. Paul Whitton who was selling his arts in from of the Hoshi no Mori restaurant.
His is Australian artist, and used to work at USJ Osaka.
Tresure Dragon

I want to also go the Kaiyukan aquarium at night. I want to see the life of fish in the dark.

I will come back to check out galleries more later.

Nankho tour


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Frank Lloyd Wright フランク ロイド ライト

Here is my school essay regarding Frank Lloyd Wright.

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There are fourteen building designs, which Frank Lloyd Wright has done in Japan. Six building were built, but two of them were destroyed by the 1923 Magnitude 7.9 Great Kanto earthquake (around Tokyo.)

Frank Lloyd Wright traveled outside of America for the first time, and went to Japan with his wife. There were 37 years old in the year, and he spent two months touring natural and historical landmarks from Nikko (North East of Tokyo) all the way down to (Shikoku island) Takamatsu.

He made a contract to build the new Imperial Hotel in Tokyo in late 1911. After a year of project delays and several trans-Pacific crossings, Wright finally took up part-time residence in Tokyo in January 1917. (Wrightian Architectural Archives Japan)

In 1918, Wright made a design plan for a second house for Tazaemon Yamamura who was the eighth-generation brewer of the famous sake “Sakuramasamurne,” in Nada (near Kobe.) It took a while …