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My Impression of Fairytale

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My Impression of Fairytale

I am not in IAD major, so it is hard to answer in the practical manner, but I have some house and building that want to use as a design for the story book.

First one is the Green Gables House. The original is at the Prince Edward Island, East Coast Canada. It is popular site for the best-selling book of Anna of Green Gables. It is also popular for Japanese tourist, from its Japanese anime series, Akage no An, (“Red-Haired Anne”) showed in 1979. So, first thing I heard the word, “story house”, I think of this place.

Actually, Japanese import housing company, Maples Homes, build the Green Gabled house already, but just assuming that I build this style in San Francisco, I would change more to cream color (Naples Yellow) wall and enhance the wall (maybe use concrete or stucco inside of the wooden panels for securing from earthquake. The size would be smaller too to fit in one of the land of the housing area in San Francisco. It could be little shorter with the width than the original.

Second choice is a Cinderella Castle in Tokyo Disneyland at the Tokyo Disney Resort. The Cinderella Castle was originally a carbon copy of the Magic Kingdom in Florida, but
“….however from 1986-2006, "Cinderella's Mystery Castle Tour" was a popular attraction featured within the castle. In June 2006, the castle was repainted, to differentiate it from Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom. The castle now has gold trimmings, the rooftops have been painted a different shade of blue, and the white stone of the turrets now has a tan/dirty-pink color.” (wikipedia, Cinderella Castle)

Actually, I like the original Cinderella Castle that I saw when I used to go there. I think the way it is now look more childish. (Off course it is ok to be childish at the Disneyland, but just with my taste, I prefer old one better.) The reason why I pick this building, because I like Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, and the Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle (in Anaheim, Disneyland) and Cinderella castle was its inspiration. The foundation stone of the building was laid in 1869 designed by Christian Jank. It was stood on top of the rocky hill. Now it is one of the world heritage sites. People cannot go in, but there is a viewpoint for tourist can see as close as they can get. Without noticing that this is so important building around the world, I used to do the jigsaw puzzle of this German castle, and I still have it at the entrance of my house.

The Neuschwanstein Castle is too large for the Storybook style and too gorgeous for ordinary people’s house if it is shrunk with the size from the Cinderella Castle or Sleeping Beauty Castle, it would be cute looking story house. Off course, for the copy right of the Disney, I need to make little different. Again, I like the original more simple, less colorful German castle, so I would make use of the Neuschwanstein Castle, but maybe use red brick or redwood for the material, if I would build it in San Francisco.
At last, as mentioned the Straw Bale House, straw bale house is a house that is built with a stack of the straw with adobe clay or mad on top for the wall, and dry and just painted on top. It is organic friendly, so no chemical odor wall that is caused with many people who has skin sensitive sickness. Also, it is eco-friendly, to save from using metal or concrete wall. Actually, there is nothing new for the concept for some African tribe houses, or even ancient house in Japan. But, the way putting colorful paint, it would look more artistic and more doll house-like little hut. I like the idea of using bottom of the glass bottle to put on the wall, so that the light coming though in the house. I have seen the house in Santa Fe, New Mexico. As I was looking at Japan Straw Bale Association website, and the book on the Straw Bale House, I like the idea that people from the community, or friends or the eco-conscious group come together and build one house. 


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