Aug 25, 2014

I published『Those "Marvelous Stand-Up Comedians!!』on BCCKS

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I published this...『Those "Marvelous Stand-Up Comedians!!』
BCCKS ブックスで英語の小論文発行しました。

It is about stand-up comedians as comparing to Japanese comedian.
I wrote it when I was taking Broadcasting class at Santa Monica College as a Final Essay in 1991.
It was old school essay but it was written about Comic Relief and liked the information so I have kept the paper and reference copies till now.

I published now because of the Robin Williams death.

It is not free, but I hope you read it.

Those "Marvelous Stand-Up Comedians!!』 artist tomo著

Those "Marvelous Stand-Up Comedians!!』 artist tomo著

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