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Tamateyama walk 2011, 4, 29 玉手山

Amima walk. あみまウォーク。
I walked to Kashiwara to Domyoji station.


I like walking around by myself and collect stamps at Kintetsu stations.

It seemed strange that there is a chimney in the middle of housing area with no factory building or anything.

I realized that I walked up on the road of highway. I do not normally drive on a freeway, so it is rare to see freeway, so I took the photo.

An entrance gate of Tamateyama park. 玉手山公園の入り口ゲート。
I entered from the back gate. 裏口から入って入り口から出た。

Kashiwara Tamate Post Office.
I liked the picture on the shutter of the post office. High school girls were looking and wondering why I shot the small post office. (I guess they are used to it, so they wondered.) 

Walking by the Ishikawa river towards Domyoji.

I crossed the bridge to walk towards Domyoji station.

This year's rabbit votive board.


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