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Hirokawa Temple walk 4/30/10, part 2

Continue from Hirokawa Temple walk 4/30/10, part 1

I keep walking on from the Hirokawa temple toward mountain range to another ruins.

#1 I only walked 0.9km from Hirokawa temple and now it will take 1.5km to the Mochio ruin castle.

#2 I went up on the hill but I was little disappointed that I could see the newly developed town on top of another hill near by....

#3 Going up the hill, I found a little house riding school. It is really in the hidden mountain area, so I wonder who is practicing there....

#4 This is a pass way towards Mochio castle ruin. Just right by side of somebody’s house, and I wonder how long the path has been there. Probably from 13-14 C, when Samurai or Ninzya was running around the mountain....

#5 Here I took my self portrait in front of an orange farm. The mountain range on the background was very beautiful. Ashamed of myself that I looked tired already. haha.

#6 I tend to include some spirits (ghosts?) when I take pictures. Here I took a lots of spirits in a round circles, when I took the photo in front of the corner zizo. Believe it or not...

#7, 8 This little colony of village is inward into like circle by the mountain hill. It is like a hidden village that it is hard to get out of town.

#9, 10 I took these in front of an old temple. Abandoned. But the view from there was very nice. I took these graves and Buddha, because I think it was monument from old Samurai from 13-14C. I hold the camera tight all right, but it got the burry image, event though I took many pictures. Believe it or not.....

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