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Berlingame 8/17/09

I took these photos the day before I went back to Osaka. I stayed one night at Vagabond Hotel close to the airport. It was the second time I stayed there, but I gave myself a reward and stayed at ocean view room. There is a path way along the peninsular, and people who stay there or live there strolling around and watching airplane come and go. I really like the place. Even the restaurant/bar next to the hotel is very reasonable and food there is tasty. Maybe when I came back to San Francisco, I want to find a place in South Bay.....

From Berlingame 8/17/09

From Berlingame 8/17/09

From Berlingame 8/17/09
It says Bay Trail.

From Berlingame 8/17/09
lots of flower

From Berlingame 8/17/09

From Berlingame 8/17/09
It is really a walking distance to behind the SF airport.

From Berlingame 8/17/09
Around me, actually local people was doing evening picknick and looking at airplaines here. What is it there? Aero Mexico? Air China?


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