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Japan town festival part #1, 8/16/09

It was a day of the new opening day of the New People @ Japantown, San Francisco. I invited my partner. He likes Japanese culture than me. He liked J-girl rock'n roll band.

送信者 Japantown Festival, 8/16/19

Me and partner at the festival.

送信者 Japantown Festival, 8/16/19

送信者 Japantown Festival, 8/16/19

With Hello Kitty. (Kitty chan)
I have to say that I lost 6 kg after coming back to Japan. Alway gain weight when I am in America....

送信者 Japantown Festival, 8/16/19

Kawaii fashion guy was getting interview. Japanese American costume fan.

送信者 Japantown Festival, 8/16/19

送信者 Japantown Festival, 8/16/19

Sorry I forgot the band name. They played rock'n roll. They came from Tokyo. 
After this event, they were playing at Yoshi's bar. 
I wanted to go but I had to leave to San Jose for staying at a hotel before leaving to Japan.


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