Jun 5, 2015

『The Night in the Coast Starlight』on BCCKS...

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The Night in the Coast Starlight

アメリカの英語のクラスで会話文を含めて短編を創作する、という課題で作った物で、ワープロで改めて清書していて、改めてこんなこと書いていたのか.... と照れてしまいました.笑

It is a short travel essay that I created during the Creative writing class (English 2) at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. This assignment was a practice of using "conversation" in the essay. To me as a non Native English speaker it was hard to think of the colloquial words and write them (don't know how to spell) so I remember that I asked many times ESL tutors about it. 
This story is based on my own experience, but created as fiction. Some scenes are bashful to read about it even though it was just a friendship story.... lol 

link to the bccks book page.

The Night in the Coast Starlight』 artist tomo著

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