Jun 19, 2014

5.20.14 三島 ー クレマチスの丘 Clematis no Oka

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Mishima Station

Bus line to Clamatis no Oka 

At Pizza restaurant 

Ikemura Reiko

Ikemura Reiko Poon

この中が空洞になっていて、↓ の彫刻などが隠れています!

なかなかゆったりしているが、品のよさそうなご年配の女子が多かった。。ちょっとヒッピー系のアート女子には合わんかな〜。苦笑; (>_<) 

Wide area of garden near Mt Fuji, rich people second house and villa area.... Little snobbish people living and visiting though... 

JR Mishima Station Mt. Fuij view 

From Nagoya, I rode on Kintetsu Express!!

Because it is at night time, and people ride more on Bullet trains so it has less people on Kintetsu express. But the seats are wider and I could sit on side ways and laying down to sleep. Before going back to Osaka....  

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Legs and Arm photography  腕と足  Black and white, San Francisco, 2000