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Fiseta Mexicana in Osaka フィエスタメヒカナ 11_09_17

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Fiesta Mexicana in Osaka Japan
It was on 9/17 and vendors and dance, and music and cerebration of Independence with a consul of Mexico from Tokyo. He is new and just arrived from Mexico.
Everybody said, Viva Mexico!! and we (me and my friend) followed...
I was surprised that there are many Mexican citizen living in Kansai area.

We ate Mexican food, but it was raining sometime so we had to stand up and stayed under the building.

Beer vendor

Tacos El Nopal at Zyuso Osaka 十三

Also Mexican good shop from Honmachi Osaka
I went to the actual store.

Big corona baloon

Pinata was cancelled cause by rain, but kids got candies.

A huge Sol balloon!!

That the stool we were sitting...

Marimba Mexican style

She was not a show, but she was one on the visitor, but could not stand dancing with the music. lol

Here is Mr. new Mexican consul reading a greet for Dia de Independencia
Viva Mexico!!


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