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Takehara May, 29 2010 広島県竹原市

2010 May, I went to Hiroshima and Okayama ken.
Takehara city, it was a small old town famous for bamboo forest and old district, I expect to see the old town for later showing to Alex.
I went by Shinkansen, normally I don't ride it, so I reserved the seat to Fukuyama and then transfered to local Takehara.
A local train ran by Setonaikai Ocean very close to the train truck and it was sunny and beautiful.



Shinkansen is arriving. People who clean inside of the train.

See how many train cars the Shinkansen is...

Riding on local train by Setonaikai ocean. It was very beautiful.

A station post of Tadanoumi Station. The tour guide says, there is a ferry to Okuno Island which there are many wild rabbits there.

It is a map of Okuno island. Island itself is a national park, and it used to be deserted island and keep only weapon during the WWII.

Takehara Station and the train I rode to came here.

It is well know for Kaguya hime princess of bamboo from the bamboo forest there.

An old house.

Edo period style window frame.

It says, when you can hold this zizo, you get a good luck. Unfortunately, it is sooo heavy and I could not hold.

A ring in the middle of old town.

A gate god is dragon.

I remember TV visited this temple too. Actually the old district is not to wide, so you can walk around in an hour.


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