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Furuichi walk あみま古市ウォーク 7/10/2011

I was walking around historic road from Furuichi Kintetsu line station to Fujidera station. It was very hot summer time on July 10th, and I was sweating and drinking a lot of water. I haven been around, but I never walked around this places.

Hakutyou shrine near Furuichi station.

I crossed the signal to Konda Hachiman shrine.

Higashi koya kaidou, old pilgrimage road south east part of Osaka toward Koyasan mountain.

An entrance of Konda Hachiman shrine.

A phoenix is a symbolic animal derived from Chinese myth.

Another monument for East Koya Kaidou road signs. These stones are also from the ancient time.

Otoritsuka Kofun berial mound from about 6 century. 

I love ivy covered houses and buildings!

Old lanterns. It was hard to take photos, because they were at private housing area. I guess it used to be a part of the shrine before.

I liked the rusted sign...

Ok, so there are many sign, car no enter sign, crossing signal, and causion sign and the road sign.  So which sign you will see first?!

I wish I had a gut to ask there why they have the huge bowling pin... I should be some factory.

I took a break at the old emperor Yuryaku grave, sitting down and drinking water. Some local woman was looking who the hell hanging around. It a purely local oriented area, no tourists or not many people around, so they feel insecure.

A little path goes under the railway. So did they make railway first or the path?!

This monument is representing that they used to have a Fujidera baseball stadium near Fujidera station. Right now the team has changed their name and own home stadium at different place. This area has become a university campus.


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