Feb 17, 2010

Midousuji Window 御堂筋ウィンドウ 2/17/10

Midousuji Window on Picasa

Midousuji Window on Flicker

I went to see "Midousuji Window" sculpture, installation show at downtown Osaka. They show many contemporary installation at the business building by the window on Midousuji street. That is why they called it, "Midousuji Window". It is also the district that has old, Classical, Greek, and Mayan style buildings from Taisyo era to early Syowa era.(1912-1930) I like to walk around the place and see old modern Western buildings.




Sumitomo Mitsui Banking build Osaka

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking build Osaka

Aztec statue in Osaka
It is made with the telephone books cut with the shape. When I went around, I saw the front side of the phone books. This is actually back side of the phone books. Good idea...

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