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Jizo for Children Update

I was doing volunteer at Jizo for Children at Pine Mountain Club in California during the summer, 2009. As a result of my effort and Ruth Handy kindness, she will put me in her NPO website as a visiting teacher.

This is my bio will be at her site. She BBCied documents to her designer.

.  Tomoe Nakamura resides in Osaka, Japan and San Francisco, CA.  Ruth and Tomoe met at the 60th Anniversary of the nuclear bombing in Hiroshima, Japan in 2005.   Tomoe is the official Japanese translator and Japanese community liason for the Jizo Peace Center.  She shares traditional knowledge about Jizo and helped lead the Memorial Ceremony for Lost Children in May, 2009.  Currently she is pursuing a college degree in fine art and photography.

Picture with Ruth and Margarite at Getty museum. It was fun.

送信者 Santa Monica, LA, Pine Mountain

I will upload her site when the design is done after holiday.
cheers and Happy Holiday to you all.


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